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The information on  "Vitebsk City Clinical Stomatologic Polyclinic"

       The Vitebsk city stomatologic polyclinic in Vitebsk has been opened in December, 1977. It Was  in 2 residential buildings. On 1st floor of a residential building on street Smolensk, 8-1 the children's branch, and on 1st floor to the address the Moscow avenue, 64 – adult medical-surgical branch has been placed. The structure of adult branch included cabinets: surgical, preventive, 6 therapeutic cabinets on 8 workplaces and an cabinet physiotherapeutic. The head physician of polyclinic – Zborovsky Valery Vladimirovich.
       In June, 1980 the children's branch left polyclinic structure, because has been created children's city stomatologic polyclinic. As a part of city stomatologic polyclinic which was on the basis of medical-surgical branch, there was not orthopedic branch, X-ray cabinet. In this regard, there was a problem of building of new polyclinic in which there would be all kinds of the stomatologic help.
Preparation of documentation and construction of health center involved in the major urban dental clinic doctors Berzhanin Gregory Denisovich and Rvachev Gennady Sergeevich. Construction of clinics held during the difficult period of perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, when lack the resources and materials. Construction of health clinics have been completed and the opening of her place in June 1991. Now clinic - it is a beautiful 3-storey building, located about street of M.Gorkogo, 34. in polyclinic there are all kinds of the stomatologic help. The polyclinic collective was created from collective of city stomatologic polyclinic, employees of stomatologic branch of polyclinic № 2 of Vitebsk. Has headed collective the head physician Rvachev G. S. In polyclinic the stomatologic help appeared in 4 branches: therapeutic, surgical, preventive and orthopedic branches.

       Since 1990 in polyclinic in connection with input of a new economic mechanism of the beginning there is a stomatologic help on a self-supporting basis: contracts with the enterprises consisted, departures of brigades were spent to countryside.
In 1991 the first paid therapeutic office has been opened. In 1996 in polyclinic there was openly paid branch, has headed its Kleymenov Alina Leonidovna. In paid branch treatment of teeth on modern technologies was spent, implantation operations were carried out, then the paid surgical office has been opened also.
       In 2000, in connection with opening of stomatologic faculty VGMU, on the basis of polyclinic the chair of propaedeutic stomatology has been placed and to polyclinic the status of the clinical has been appropriated.
Now the collective is headed by head physician Boginsky Oleg Jurevich. The polyclinic collective renders all kinds of the stomatologic help to 150,8 thousand population of May Day and Railway areas of Vitebsk. As a part of polyclinic of 5 branches: therapeutic, surgical, preventive, orthopedic and paid. The collective harmoniously and honesty works over rendering to the population of the accessible and qualitative stomatologic help, over wide use in work of new technologies.

       In polyclinic requipment of material base is spent. Within 2007-2008 replacement of stomatologic installations by modern polyclinics in medical offices is completely spent. The device ортопантомограф which gives the chance to carry out condition diagnostics areas is got. In the operational it is got, allowing at the newest level to carry out operations on a bone fabric. Doctors of polyclinic work with modern composite materials, spend treatment of a pathology of maxillofacial area, prosthetics on modern to technologies.
The manager paid branch
Julia Sergeevna
The head physician
Oleg Ur'evich

The assistant the head physician
by a medical part
Inna Alekseevna

The manager surgical branch
Tatyana Anatol'evna
The manager orthopedic branch
Gennady Ivanovich

The manager preventive branch.
Elena Grigor'evna

VCCSP 2010-2015 г.
stomatologic polyclinic
Public health services establishment
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The manager therapeutic branch.
Anna Vladimirovna